You’re going to need a rebar bender and a rebar cutter

I thought I could buy some wood and a few bags of concrete to make a new fence for my yard, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to be the case.

I lacked the right tools for the job, including a post hole digger for the fence posts, a level gauge to make sure the posts are level, and heavy duty protective gloves to prevent injuries.

These tools had to be added to the overall budget, which soon surpassed what I was initially expecting to spend. I guess I have the equipment and supplies to build another fence or gate if I ever need to, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. When my neighbor discussed making a fence of his own, I offered to loan him some of my supplies. He graciously accepted the offer to use the post hole digger, but that was the only thing he would take. Instead, he said his intention was to build a custom metal frame fence instead. And it wouldn’t be a chainlink fence, instead he planned to weld a rebar tie wire fence together since he purchased a coil of steel rebar tie wire from a local building contractor at a reduced rate. I told him that’s going to need some tools before he can start his rebar fence project. Thankfully his rebar is galvanized steel rebar tie wire which has a zinc coating on it to protect it from rust and corrosion. But he needed a rebar bender and a rebar cutter. I told him that he needs to visit the hardware store before he gets too far into his project, otherwise he won’t have some of the basic tools that he absolutely needs.

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