You might need to get some ties like these

If you are working on a big construction project, then you might need some help the way that I do! We are in the middle of building a huge office building.

We are almost to the point when we have to pour all of the concrete footers for the building. As anyone who has ever poured any concrete knows, This part of the building process can sometimes end up being a real pain. I do wish that the concrete part of the job was easier, but it’s true that if your foundation isn’t any good, then none of the rest of your work is ever going to last. Back when I was a young man starting out in this job, I learned all of that the hard way. 30 years into it, I am really good at my job now. I have learned to always use 16 gauge black annealed double loop wire ties whenever I’m pouring concrete now. The black annealed double loop wire ties that I always order are certified domestic. Plus, they are made in the USA, which is really important to me. If your projects call for American made 16 gauge bar wire, then you should try some of the rebar wire ties that we use. It’s a really great company to work with and the wire ties are sold in quantities of 2500 or 5000, plus they come in lots of different lengths. The 16 gauge black annealed double loop wire ties that I use are perfect for tying rebar and for anything else that I need wire for.

Rebar wire ties