Why I needed wire tie fast!

My sister has a really huge garden and she makes it bigger every year.

She grows vegetables for the entire community in that garden and it’s her favorite thing to do.

She is really great at gardening and she saves people all kinds of money on produce throughout the summer each year. She also is really into recycling and she’s always looking for ways to reuse things so that they don’t go into the landfill. This year whenever she was getting ready to get the garden started, she decided to use recycled concrete mesh sheeting to make all of her tomato cages with so that she wouldn’t have to buy new ones. She wanted to reduce, reuse, and recycle but she needed hundreds of these things in order to feed the community the way that she wanted to. But since she needed to put the cages together, she needed wire fasteners that were both sturdy and durable. She ended up ordering something online called 16 gauge double loop rebar wire ties. She used these to hold the cages together and they did an amazing job. She said that the 16 gauge double loop rebar wire ties are really easy to use and they are also pretty versatile. The double loop ties that she used are made out of soft steel that she can bend easily with her bare hands. She said that they worked so well on this project that she is going to start using them for all kinds of other things too. I’m glad she found these rebar wire ties!


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