Plastic coated double loop ties and more information

I had never heard of loop ties, double loop ties or plastic coated double loop ties, when my sibling told me to go into tell and get some plastic coated double loop ties from the hardware store, I simply agreed with them, and i asked to write it down on a piece of paper, so I knew exactly what I was asking for; He told me just to remember that plastic coated double loop ties were for the wire fencing he was putting up around his garden. I went in to the hardware store and told them my sibling wanted plastic coated double loop ties. When I was asked what was for I told him he was going to put it up around his garden. He asked my sibling had the rebar that the plastic coated double loop ties held together? I knew I had to look like a deer in headlights. I had no idea what rebar was, let alone what I was asking for. I had the piece paper that my sibling gave me and he laughed. I was so angry at him for laughing at me, that I pulled out my PC dialed my sibling and ask if he had the rebar? My sibling sputtered and I knew he was angry, so I hastily handed the PC to the person at the hardware store. I wanted him to explain to my sibling that he wanted to know if he needed the rebar that went with the plastic coated double loop ties and whether or not he wanted an entire coil of plastic double loop ties? I was not going to have my sibling angry at me if I came property with the wrong thing.

Galvanized Double loop rebar ties