How to move big shipments

I used to work with a pallet rack company for LTL freights, that is when you don’t have a lot of product to fill a full trailer.

It is a small shipment.

In the grand rue of pallet racking, ocean cargo, air freights, plus rail freight, I am small potatoes. I still am a supplier owner plus a reliable client. I utilized the service year around. I was consistently looking to expand, increase efficiency, plus storage in my facility. The freight broker I worked with was terrible though. I never got anything logistic wise from them. I was in the dark about everything; My product sometimes would ship late or arrive way too early. It just seemed to be a loose operation to me; So I left them plus started hunting for another company that handles the transfer of pallet racking. Ideally, I wanted a company that pairs with a logistic company to get me some information. That is how I found the supplier that I am at. This company does all sorts of pallet rack transformation. They also are a GlobalTranz partner which means I get access to all sorts of data that is geared towards making this function better plus for cheaper. This current company is leaps plus bounds better. I absolutely get to talk to a real person on the iPhone when I have troubles. I get usable data plus solutions for my troubles. Things ship out on time plus arrive when they are supposed to. I don’t feel like an inferior client since I only required LTL freights.


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