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  • I am very concerned with our wire supply

    I am an ironworker and so tying rebar is something that comes naturally to me. I have been doing it for years now and so it’s appreciate minute nature to me at this point. I do it all day just about every day. I labor with concrete on unusual construction sites and the crew and […]

  • We used 16 gauge rebar wire ties for our project

    Earlier in the year, I worked on a really big fencing project for our yard. Whenever I say yard, I don’t really mean it in the usual sense. We actually have a lot of acreage and we wanted to fence around the whole property so it was a huge project. I wanted the fence to […]

  • We had to use American made rebar wire ties

    My company needed to find a really good supplier to purchase construction materials from. We needed to use domestic suppliers if possible because of recent legislation changes. I think it’s always a good thing to buy American made products, and our company always makes it a point to support other locally owned companies anyway. I […]

  • You might need to get some ties like these

    If you are working on a big construction project, then you might need some help the way that I do! We are in the middle of building a huge office building. We are almost to the point when we have to pour all of the concrete footers for the building. As anyone who has ever […]

  • What we really needed were double loop wire ties

    I work in a really big warehouse and one of the things that my coworkers and I always end up needing are fastening mechanisms. When you’re dealing with huge boxes and pallets the way that we always are, then you need something that is heavy duty, versatile, and durable. That’s why I finally talked my […]

  • These websites can help you if you’re in a hurry

    If you need to get a job done fast, then you suppose how it feels to be in a time crunch. That happens to me all the time and major construction projects that the people I was with and I do with our company. A lot of times, the people I was with and I […]

  • Why I needed wire tie fast!

    My sister has a really huge garden and she makes it bigger every year. She grows vegetables for the entire community in that garden and it’s her favorite thing to do. She is really great at gardening and she saves people all kinds of money on produce throughout the summer each year. She also is […]