Building requirements and your rebar choices

I labor in a construction supplier warehouse, then i take the laptop calls for all the orders that come in for bizarre things that they need on their tasks that they are either out of or flat out don’t have in stock at their construction sites.

I recently got a call for pvc coated tie wire coils that was needed for some big office building project a construction company was doing, however pvc coated tie wire coils is not something both of us have here at the warenew beach house truly often and I had to double check to see if both of us even had any pvc coated tie wire coils to sell them before I could confirm the order, lo and behold as I thought, both of us did not have any pvc coated tie wire coils as they wanted! They said how badly it was required for the building.

I did not know what else to tell them other than both of us could order some of these pvc tie wire coils on special order for an additional cost if they had the time to wait for them to be ordered and arrive. They did not have the time so I advised another construction supplier I knew of in the area that should have the pvc coated tie wire coils that they were desperately needing for their office building task that they had to do. I should not have done that, however I felt awful for them and wanted to help! I don’t know why both of us don’t carry pvc coated tie wire coils here truly often, however but it is something I should speak to management about!


Tie wire coils