What we really needed were double loop wire ties

I work in a really big warehouse and one of the things that my coworkers and I always end up needing are fastening mechanisms.

When you’re dealing with huge boxes and pallets the way that we always are, then you need something that is heavy duty, versatile, and durable.

That’s why I finally talked my supervisor into purchasing some American made black annealed double loop wire ties. I told him how important it was for us to always have some things like that on hand. We are always needing something like that and these things are perfect to keep in the warehouse. The guys at work are constantly asking for double loop ties for one thing or another, and I’m really glad that my supervisor finally figured out how important it is for us to keep these things on hand. I mean, in a warehouse the size of ours, you can’t exactly run around looking for tape and wire and things of that nature or you would never be able to get anything accomplished. Anyway, he ordered 2 bags of 5,000 double loop wire ties and he put a bag on each end of the warehouse. Everyone here is just loving these things because they are so versatile and easy to use. It’s good to know that there is always something close by whenever you need some type of fastener. The double loop wire ties are really great for us in the warehouse and I hope that he keeps reordering them for us. I think he will when he realizes just how helpful they are.


tie wire made in USA