We had to use American made rebar wire ties

My company needed to find a really good supplier to purchase construction materials from.

  • We needed to use domestic suppliers if possible because of recent legislation changes.

I think it’s always a good thing to buy American made products, and our company always makes it a point to support other locally owned companies anyway. I really think this is especially important when you have to use domestic certified wire the way that we do. We are restricted to using domestic certified wire in all of our construction projects. Finding American made rebar wire ties is really at the top of our list of important construction materials. We used one company for a while but over the past two years, they stopped taking orders. I guess it’s because of the whole pandemic thing. Anyway, once that happened, we had to find another supplier for rebar wire ties really quickly. We use rebar wire tiles all the time whenever we are working on new projects, especially when we are pouring concrete. We had to find a new supplier that was American made really fast. We had to find a place that had a lot on hand because we needed them right away and eventually we were able to find a new company to get them from. These guys are actually super helpful for us and we like them better than the old company. They will take really large orders, and sometimes they are able to give us discounts on shipping. I think changing suppliers was actually the right thing for us to do.


Rebar wire ties