I did not hear the cellphone ringing in my office(kid in jail)

I was toiling on a construction project.

I had two guys with myself and others plus I left my cellphone in the car. I was toiling on the foundation for a home. My crew plus I were kneeling down rebar plus tie wire to create the strength for the foundation. I did not hear the cellphone ring the couple of times that it did. I actually had several missed calls from a single cellphone number. I did not notice there was a missed call until after I was finished kneeling the rebar plus tie wire. I contacted the cellphone number plus it was for the county jail. I instantly contacted the cellphone number plus I found out that my 16-year-old child was in jail. The officer would not release my child unless she was in the custody of a parent. I could not leave the construction site. Every one of us still had some additional rebar plus rebar tie wire to set up. I called my sister plus I asked her if she could occasion up my child. She was busy too, so I had to leave the guys at the work locale alone to go get my kids. I made Jack rest in the vehicle the whole time I was finishing up with the project. I did not let him use the air conditioner either. She sat in the vehicle in the tepid sunlight with the window down. I think she wasn’t going to bake to death plus I actually wanted him to guess about the fact that she was being selfish by skipping school plus vandalizing a building.


14 gauge wire ties