Water damage leads to a quick cash home sale

There was no way the property would pass an inspection or meet local safety codes.

My husband and I got married right after our college graduation. We were both responsible for significant school loans. We were working entry level jobs that didn’t pay very well. Money was extremely tight. Rather than waste our budget on rent, we opted to purchase our own home. We couldn’t afford anything overly large or modern. Everything about the house was a bit rundown, old and unattractive. We did what we could with cleaning, painting and landscaping but didn’t have the funds to tackle any renovations. If something broke, we figured out how to repair it ourselves. Once we had three small kids, our budget was further strained. Although we noticed issues with the roof, we initially ignored them. When it got to the point where we needed to run around placing buckets to catch the drips from the ceiling every time it rained, we crawled up onto the roof and attempted to patch the problem spots. When a hurricane passed through Jacksonville, Florida, we sustained extensive water damage. There was no way to catch the amount of water pouring through the roof. The water destroyed many of our furnishings, floors, ceilings, walls and moldings. We dealt with mold, mildew and musty odors. I worried about indoor air quality and the health of my family. I wanted to get us out of the house as quickly as possible. Listing it wasn’t a good option because of the amount of necessary repairs. There was no way the property would pass an inspection or meet local safety codes. After some debate, we chose to contact a Jacksonville cash home buyer. We were looking to sell our house fast. We were able to avoid hassle, paperwork and investing into major remodeling.

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