Wanting a modern condo for our family

My hubby and I favor a easily clean and modern style of architecture and decor, when we were shopping for a bigger home, we were easily disappointed in the properties on the market, but in our local area, the majority of residences were built in the late eighteen hundreds, then they feature high ceilings, plaster walls and lots of tiny rooms.

There is often no HVAC duct, ancient electrical system and ancient plumbing.

If the condo is located in a historical district, making updates is just about impossible. There are also sorts of restrictions for materials. The newer homes in the nearby vicinity have often been flipped by people looking to make a profit. While everything looks modern and new, the materials, appliances and even workmanship tend to be subpar, but my buddy and I didn’t want to buy a condo and immediately begin making renovations and repairs. Tearing out walls, adding windows and major swings are fancy, time-consuming and disruptive, living in the middle of a construction zone is horrible, however after devoting nearly eighteen months to touring properties for sale, we decided to contact a custom builder. This allowed us to choose a condo in the right location and of the ideal size for our priorities. The custom builder worked closely with us to design a floorplan and choose materials. My buddy and I had input in the type, color and design of the roof, location of the windows, layout for the front porch and size of the closets, and plus, the custom builder shared amazing ideas. My buddy and I were able to include features such as a large laundry room, condo gym and workshop. The kitchen is large, filled with light and a great space to prepare meals and gather as a family.
Custom made homes