Selling my apartment with terrible neighbors

I absolutely liked my apartment in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • It was an absolutely great size, an attractive yard, as well as being close to a body of water.

I also was near all the shops, diners, as well as bars. The snag was my neighbors. My neighbors are loud, aggressive, as well as consistently getting into fights. It wasn’t unofficial for them to sit in my yard as well as scream at each other. The apartment on the other side of me also had tons of cats that they let off leash just to run around as well as get into mischief. If you don’t have great neighbors, it isn’t a great apartment after all. So I started looking to sell my home. I figured out that listing it online would be taxing because people would want to tour the place. They would see the crap show that is my neighbors. I needed someone that would be okay with the condition. They would be okay with the neighbors as well as transfer on. That is how I ended up typing to sell my apartment for money in Florida. I found a local money apartment buyer that isn’t afraid of hard situations. They do inherited homes, divorced homes, probate homes, problems with the mortgage payments, etc. My istation wasn’t all that terrible in comparison. The money of the apartment buyer wasn’t detreed at all by my neighbors. In fact I got a much better price for my apartment that I feel was warranted due to my neighbors. I wasn’t about to say no though. So I agreed to the price as well as got out of there fast.


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