Cash for my ugly home

With this cash for my ugly home deal I was able to get in and out really fast

I am a bit of a workaholic. I am always in the office and staying up late. I rarely am in my house. That is why it just went to the dumps. I never cleaned the inside of it. What was worse is that I never did anything outside. The shrubs got out of control. The trees took over the backyard. The lawn was a huge mess. When I decided that I wanted to sell my place, everybody wanted me to spruce up the yard. Can you imagine the hours of work? I just didn’t have the time. Anybody I talked to about hiring out the work wanted so much money for it. The house was in great shape, just ugly. It also was in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. So it was a good area. I figured out that a cash home buyer in Florida was the best move for me. The cash for home buyers in Jax didn’t want me to do lawn work. He was willing to do that all on his own. He just listed a price and I got it for that price. No hidden fees or extra work. Honestly for someone who works like I do, I needed something quick. I also got into another house really fast. So paying the taxes on two homes would have really been horrible. With this cash for my ugly home deal I was able to get in and out really fast. That is ideal for someone who just doesn’t want to mess around with updates. It would have cost a fortune too.
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