Sell my Oregon home fast for cash due to bad neighbors

I thought I had found my dream home in Portland, Oregon.

The house was huge, with a big plot of land and right in the city.

I only had one tight set of neighbors on the left side of me. I figured with a privacy fence all would be well. Those neighbors were horrible from day one. They left their garbage can out all the time. The trash would blow into my yard. Their dogs frequently would run in my yard and poop. The couple also argued all the time and would stand at the front of my driveway screaming. It was a mess. So I had to sell my Portland real estate and move elsewhere. I tried listing with a real estate agent. Anybody who came to see the house got to see the show of my neighbors. Nobody wanted to live with terrible neighbors closeby. I ended up googling to sell my house fast. I looked at selling my Oregon property fast for cash. The home buyers that do cash deals were great to deal with. They don’t care about the neighbors. They looked over the house and gave me a really wonderful price. I should have made more but I of course lost some money over the fact that the people next door are awful. For the situation, I feel I took a price cut to get out of a bad spot. Who knows how long those neighbors would have been there. I am glad that I have a new home with no neighbors in sight. It was worth contacting local home buyers.

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