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  • I got a new job working with my father in law

    I’m now in my second week of work and I can honestly say that the job is a lot of fun and a great deal of hard work. My father-in-law got me a job working at a construction site with him. He is the project manager, but I rarely ever see him on the job […]

  • The metal shavings were all over my eye

    For the past 9 years, I have been working at a factory that makes lots of different types of metal products. We fulfill orders and provide excellent customer service throughout every step of the process. We make materials that are used in iron work and construction. We offer a variety of different sizes in rebar […]

  • You’re going to need a rebar bender and a rebar cutter

    I thought I could buy some wood and a few bags of concrete to make a new fence for my yard, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to be the case. I lacked the right tools for the job, including a post hole digger for the fence posts, a level gauge to make sure […]

  • Rebar can help reinforce buildings against things like earthquakes

    I experienced my first ever earthquake while I was on a family vacation to Japan when I was only eight years old. I’ll never forget it because we were standing inside a store in Tokyo and before I knew it the ground started shaking, throwing everything on the walls onto the floor. I almost hit […]

  • I am very concerned with our wire supply

    I am an ironworker and so tying rebar is something that comes naturally to me. I have been doing it for years now and so it’s appreciate minute nature to me at this point. I do it all day just about every day. I labor with concrete on unusual construction sites and the crew and […]

  • Plastic coated wire is expensive

    Every one of us do have a lot of construction projects going on lately and the plastic coated double loop wire ties that the people I was with and I use have been readily available for us, luckily You can use plastic coated double loop wire ties for all kinds of stuff… Plastic coated double […]

  • We're going to use the 16 gauge

    The crew that I labor with at the construction company uses a ton of these things called 16 gauge double loop rebar ties. Every one of us have to use so many of them that the people I was with and I order them literally by the thoUSAnds. They come in bags of 5,000 or […]

  • Our family company is going good

    Every one of us rent out a dozen unusual campers to other people on a correct basis. This is undoubtedly our partner’s main source of income these afternoons and she absolutely enjoys doing it. She does a absolutely fantastic job at it and she basically knows everything that there is to suppose about campers these […]

  • These websites can help you if you’re in a hurry

    If you need to get a job done fast, then you suppose how it feels to be in a time crunch. That happens to me all the time and major construction projects that the people I was with and I do with our company. A lot of times, the people I was with and I […]

  • What we really needed were double loop wire ties

    I work in a really big warehouse and one of the things that my coworkers and I always end up needing are fastening mechanisms. When you’re dealing with huge boxes and pallets the way that we always are, then you need something that is heavy duty, versatile, and durable. That’s why I finally talked my […]