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  • Hiring a company to sell my home

    I have never had much luck selling things through Craig’s List or eBay. I don’t like hosting garage sales. I am not good at haggling to get a better price. When I was offered a job on the other side of the country for a considerable pay raise, I was anxious to move. I was […]

  • Not feeling good about home buyers

    The process of selling a home can be stressful and disruptive. My husband and I were still living in the house while it was listed. We had a three-year-old son and a six-month old daughter at the time. Every time the real estate agent wanted to show the house, we needed to vacate. My husband […]

  • I would much rather use galvanized steel rebar than epoxy coated rebar

    Some people might not appreciate helpful comments by workers when they’re making big purchases, but it has saved me on a couple of occasions. When I was stupid enough to put one of those personal air coolers in my shopping cart last month, I was relieved when the cashier told me they were junk and […]

  • My son used old rebar tie wire when he was learning how to weld

    I have tried to facilitate my childrens’ hobbies, regardless of how much time it consumes out of my daily schedule. Sometimes this means driving them to practices or recitals during the time I’d rather spend relaxing from work or getting the lawn mowed. I have kids of varying ages and the oldest learned fairly early […]

  • There are major supply line shortages right now with rebar wire tie

    Even when the pandemic started rearing its ugly head, I had no idea how severe supply shortages would get in the short term future. There were people talking about global famines and food lines going down around the block, but we were all genuinely afraid when toilet paper suddenly became a serious commodity. I know […]

  • Building a concrete porch slab with reinforcing rebar tie wire

    You just need a pair of ironworker’s pliers so you can bend and cut the rebar wire ties around the steel rebar rods While many of the skills you need to complete a project can be found on Youtube, there are some jobs that simply require a different skill level based on the person’s experiences. […]

  • It’s amazing how long bridges last with continual maintenance

    I live right along the coastline of the vast ocean that wraps my state. We get a lot of weather that is affected by the sea breezes and the humidity that comes off the water naturally. That means cold temperatures at strange times depending on how the winds change. On top of that, the waves […]

  • I did not hear the cellphone ringing in my office(kid in jail)

    I was toiling on a construction project. I had two guys with myself and others plus I left my cellphone in the car. I was toiling on the foundation for a home. My crew plus I were kneeling down rebar plus tie wire to create the strength for the foundation. I did not hear the […]

  • I passed out in the heat plus now both of us have a huge air vent

    I spent the last couple of weeks toiling in a metal factory that produces a variety of reinforced steel bars. Reinforced steel bars are also known as rebars. Rebar is used to create a strong interior structure when concrete may crack. Rebar is correctly seen in projects enjoy bridges, highways, plus residential homes foundations. There […]

  • I ordered the 14 gauge PVC coated instead of black annealed

    I was supposed to order 10 of the 16 gauge black and the old rebar wire tie I had a pretty rough night on Sunday. I was arguing with my girlfriend most of the night. We started arguing when I got home from the game at 11 and I didn’t end up going to sleep […]